LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY «FINANCIAL COMPANY «STRATEGY», the code of the USREOU 40003578, registered September 10, 2015 at the following address: 04210, Kyiv, Prospect Heroes of Stalingrad, 14, sq. 99.

The financial company has been operating since November 2015 (Order of the National Commission for the regulation of financial services markets from 03.11.2015 №2652).

The types of services the company does not require additional permissions and licenses.

At present, the company does not have separate units and carries out its activity at 04080, Kyiv, street. Obolonskaya embankment, d. 1, building 3, office 207 V.

The executive body of the financial institution is the director – Churilina Anastasia Yevgenievna.

The owner of the substantial participation and ultimate beneficial owner of LLC “FC” Strategy “is a citizen of Ukraine Churilina Anastasia Yevgenievna.

Insolvency proceedings were not filed against FC “Strateg” Ltd., sanitation procedures were not applied and no liquidation decision was taken.