For physical persons




  • Qualified counseling on banking, interaction with banking institutions, the Fund for the Guaranteeing of Individual Deposits, the National Bank of Ukraine.
  • Redemption of a loan, mortgaged property both in operating banks and in insolvent banks. Ability to buy an asset at a favorable price, in advance with the parameters agreed with you, taking into account the tax consequences.
  • Credit restructuring. If you are faced with temporary financial difficulties, you have a desire, but there is no possibility to pay off at the moment, to redeem an asset – our company will help you:
    – fund or re-credit your asset;
    – will find for you a reliable external investor;
    – negotiate with banks in order to restructure debt.
  • Our specialists will help to achieve optimal results in terms of loan restructuring (interest rate change, lending period, payment schedules, etc.).